2016 Little League World Series International Championship Tease
I've been the on site designer/animator for the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Little League World Series events in Williamsport. Main my main responsibilities include over all package design and animation, tease elements, truck elements, lineups, etc.

2017 Little League World Series Regional Tease
This is the tease I have handy at the moment. It features a lot of the elements we used in the teases throughout the 2017 tournament, including the tracked cartoon effects, the social media, and the paint effects.

2017 LLWS Mid-Atlantic Lineup
I can't find the mixed/final version of these lineups at the moment, so apologies for the audio being slightly off.

2017 NCAA Women's Final Four Championship Tease
I worked on the 2D and 3D graphics for the teases for all three games, as well as other elements throughout the tournament.

National Geographic: We're Wired That Way
One of five episodes for a Facebook exclusive web series where I served as technical director, creative director, animator, and designer.

2016 Spelling Bee Tease

2016 NBA/NCAA Crossover